From different points of view the two organizations participating in VivArte strive to raise awareness on Colombia’s social needs, and channel resources towards Colombia's most vulnerable population.

Caring for Colombia (CFC):

Caring for Colombia (CFC) is an international non-profit organization, which has committed to empowering vulnerable Colombian children and youths for over a decade.  

From its headquarters in New York, CFC raises ,channels, and monitors resources to Colombian organizations striving to provide disadvantaged children with the life skills necessary to climb out of poverty. We are currently harnessing the power of art as a health tool in order to foster creative minds and healthy bodies. Bringing self-esteem to our kids helps them to realize their full potential and empower themselves to carve a different future for their families and their community. CFC has a holistic approach; the threefold of health, education and art.

Since its beginning in 2003, Caring for Colombia has transformed the lives of over 80,000 beneficiaries. The net proceeds from VivArte 2016 will be channeled by Caring for Colombia to organizations selected by our Board of Directors. Thus, we aim to fund exceptional high-impact social initiatives with a mission that matches our approach, and whose project execution is of the highest degree of transparency and efficacy. Now more than ever, our efforts will focus on victims of the armed conflict and on providing them with opportunities to transform their lives and create a culture of peace.


 Primero Lo Primero (PLP) :
Primero Lo Primero is the strongest collective impact vehicle for early childhood development in Colombia. Primero Lo Primero was established in Colombia in 2011 by Fundación Mario Santo Domingo, Fundación Carulla – aeioTU, Pies Descalzos, Fundación ALAS, and Fundación Bancolombia. Together we have built and currently operate 29 comprehensive early childhood centers throughout Colombia, changing the lives of 13,651 boys and girls under five years of age. Primero Lo Primero U.S. is the international not-for-profit of this alliance; it advocates, raises funds, and continues creating alliances to reach the 2.8 million children living in extreme poverty that still lack any form of early childhood care. 

Primero Lo Primero’s early childhood development programs, which span across different regions of Colombia, will benefit from VivArte 2016’s net proceeds. The Primero Lo Primero committee will decide to invest in programs that have been carefully evaluated, impact the maximum amount of children, and operate at the highest standard.